Meeting Myself Coming Back

In my post earlier, photos in sepia tints for Cee’s Challenge, I mentioned being busy and that my grandmother used to say I would meet myself coming back. Seonaid from asked what I might say to myself if I did!
It’s an interesting thought isn’t it?
My snap reaction was ‘Oh no not you again’ but then I thought on.
‘Stop chasing your tail’
or maybe ‘Smell the roses’
‘We each have an alloted number of heartbeats, don’t waste them’
‘You spread yourself too thin’
‘But there’s so much world’
‘Neep Neep!’
‘Have we met?’
‘Sloooww dooown’,’Where’s the fire’,’Tell me a story’,’Is it ready yet?’
So how to stop the relentless chase of life in our high tech world? Are you the same? are you always overloaded? Maybe you don’t see it as a problem, maybe I don’t. It’s just the way it is, I’m a Gemini, quicksilver. I want to experience as many things as I can in this lifetime with all of my senses. To meet and listen to as many people as possible, to have them share their stories, to touch people in some small way.
So tell me, are you the same? If so what would you say to yourself? If you can, maybe you could share with our community.
Seonaid, I suspect you’re far too mindful to rush around as much as I do!8

Slowly, slowly!

12 thoughts on “Meeting Myself Coming Back

  1. I know. I know. Pick meeeeeeeeee!
    The secret is to retire. You slow down for a few weeks and then you start doing EVERYTHING you’ve been putting off until then. You go-go-go ALL day long until the end of the day when you fall into bed and can’t wait until morning so you can start all over again. ;-0

  2. Well, if my other self doesn’t know anything about computers, that would be the first thing I teach her – so she can leave me alone. LOL! She’d better not be a chatter and if she is like me, she would realise very quickly not to interfere with my computer time. hahahaha

    Love that bridge Gilly. It looks so peaceful there. Thanks for sharing this lovely post and have a great weekend. 😀 *big hugs*

  3. That’s a really interesting question, Gilly….one which I’m going to ponder a while. I do chivvy myself up sometimes, particularly when my head gets in a spin ~ using my late mother’s phrases, which make me smile. Hmmmm……. Interesting! 🙂

  4. Yes, sometimes it can be a belter shelter world. But I always look forward to a new day and at the end of each, I look forward to going home and seeing my hubby and out dog. Always a welcome site!

  5. Yes, Gilly. I experience it. It’s especially evident on the way I walk so fast. I am patient when needs to be, but in general, I really am an anxiety-driven person. And spmetimes, I shrud to myself, maybe not. Maybe people do feel that to themselves the way I feel it to myself.
    In the end, everything is universal, really. Some times you feel this, some times you that. Balance, it answers to everything. Hard to find, but it’s the way to go when you start looking for answers.

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