October tomorrow

I love summer. I try to convince myself that autumn is beautiful, a palette of rich colour,a time to prepare for Christmas, settling in the warm for winter with some good books, but it doesn’t work. I just start counting the days until spring, especially once the shortest day has past. Leaving for work in the dark and not returning home until dark, I could easily fall prey to seasonal affective disorder. Photos are one the things I use to keep myself sane, looking back over best parts of the year, so I’ve chosen one from each month of the summer to share with you.
April at Buckland
April, not quite summer but full of promise.

May on the quay
May in bright blue.

June my birthday in Brixham
June at Brixham harbour.

July The Grand Western Canal
July relaxed on the water.

August patchwork to the bay_edited-1
August across fields to Lyme Bay.

September Rosemoor
September, my favourite garden full of colour.
It hasn’t been the easiest summer, but it has been rich with experiences and adventures. Now, let winter be short and gentle!