Braving new heights

A couple of weeks ago I was on a coach from Heathrow to London when a young man got on and sat beside me. He anxiously fiddled with his tickets and I asked if he was okay. He was a bit worried about his connection and finding his way. I reassured him that negotiating Victoria coach station was easy and promised to point him in the right direction.
We chatted all the way and I learnt that he was heading for Canterbury University to do his masters, his first trip out of Malaysia. He asked me about shopping, where to find affordable groceries and if he would be able to find Malaysian food.
Looking out of the window he was excited to see the Victorian terrrace houses and thought they were beautiful. Of course I shared that I had been to Malaysia and loved it there, especially the architecture in Kuala Lumpur. Ailsa’s challenge this week reminded me of my charming encounter with that young man. By now he will be settled in his new world, I’d love to know how he is getting on and hope he has found his nearest aldi to help make his pennies go further.
So, to ‘Height’, here are some of the heights of his homeland and one of my favourite cities, Kuala Lumpur.

The Tower emerging
The Tower emerging
A view from the tower
A view from the tower
Apartments looking up
Apartments looking up
Fountains and tower blocks
Fountains and tower blocks

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26 thoughts on “Braving new heights

  1. It’s an awesome city and I hope the man is having a wonderful time. I’m slightly jealous. And I’m sure he’ll remember your kindness.

  2. Isn’t it lovely to chat to strangers, and if one can be of assistance, all the better? Love your pics of great heights of Kuala Lumpur. That black and gold skyscraper is amazing.

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