I could disappear at any minute

but if I do please forgive me and hang in there, I will be back!

For a couple of months my PC  has been very poorly, you wouldn’t believe the number of hours I’ve spent fixing it, in fact I’ve lost whole days that I really can’t spare. The problem is that it’s just aging and I’m trying to make it last a little longer – because I’m poor!

I’m a very heavy computer user, it goes on with the kettle as soon as I’m out of bed and most evenings it goes off just before my bedside light.

I’ve been looking at possible replacements and can’t make  up my mind whether it will be another desktop – I read recently that they are going to be extinct soon, or a laptop. I spotted a very gorgeous HP laptop, available in purple and affordable but I’m not convinced that a lappy is heavy duty enough for my writing and photo editing etc. It would be nice to free up desk space and to stroke the luscious little beastie though!

Also a friend has recently bought a laptop with windows 8 and has struggled getting used to the changes, I’m using vista on my PC and windows 7 on a rarely used netbook.  The other issue is the time involved in getting set up again, transferring files and programs, and I’ll have to buy a new version of office. That means decisions about cloud storage, paying an annual subscription,  do I want to send my hard written documents off into the ether?

I’m intrigued to know what device YOU use for blogging, laptop or PC? phone or tablet?

Any comments or thought would be welcome, I actually can’t decide what would be best.

I also have a tablet, it’s a great toy and if my PC dies I’ll be using it to pop in to visit you as much as I can. I do find it limiting though, great for quick answers but nothing too serious.

Hope to see  you soon 🙂


25 thoughts on “I could disappear at any minute

  1. OH NO! Sorry about the troubles you are having with your computer. Hope you are able to come to a decision that is best for you.


  2. I went through this a few months ago. I’m on a PC. The one I bought was 8, but my friend had me buy a 7 to install because the 8 is too complicated for me. Many of my friends have laptops and love them.We will miss you while you are getting newly set up. I hope this message gets to you directly and not through Spam.

  3. I use my desk top – and i don’t think they are going extinct. But when I was in Winchester for 10 months I had a laptop and it was great. (I did put a proper mouse and a separate keyboard on, though!) I hope you find an affordable alternative, so you can keep blogging (bit of self interest here).

  4. Being space poor, I have never had a PC, always laptops, and for a while the only thing I had was a tiny Asus notebook which was great. I have never felt at a disadvantage from not having a PC. I upgraded to a Mac five years ago, so my problem is that as my machines ages and slows down, fining the cash to replace it. Go into somehwere like John Lewis where they have a lot of machines and play. make a list of things you like about your current computer which you want to replicate with a new one, plus a wishlist for things that would be nice but not essentail. Maybe you could get a Sony one that works with your ‘phone? My aunt has a Samsung tablet that is very nice indeed. You can get an adaptor to download pictures. I can’t vote properly in your poll as I sometimes post using my laptop, sometimes with my tablet.

  5. Computers! Do I have a love/hate relationship? You betcha!I’m an average, elderly craft obsessed woman and my computer skills(?) are vey basic, especially simce Neo Yahoo changed the levels of the playing fields last year.
    You are worried about

  6. Sorry I clicked at the wrong time so the message is in two parts! You are worried” do I want to send my hard written documents off into the ether?” Why not invest in an external hard drive and save important docs, etc to that? Not expensive (about Au$90) Also a very good way to store your photographs.
    I do also have a tablet thingie from Samsung which doesn’t get much use.. I doesn’t have the capacity the laptop(ASUS) has and a much smaller screen and keypad which isn’t great for arthritic fingers!
    Good luck with the hunt Oh I don’t have a you beaut mobile phone as I don’t feel the need for one is great.As well you need manage yourData acquisitions if you’re using smart phone as computer… it can get very expensive!

  7. Get a laptop! They are so affordable and can do everything a desktop can do. Since the last time you made a computer purchase there has been lots of improvements, more memory is included and the cost is reasonable. I have an HP laptop (Windows 7) but I’ve seen a wide range (Acer, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba…) that are all pretty much like the next one. Best of luck!

  8. I clicked on the laptop vote because I’m trying very hard to do everything on it. My husband purchased one for me for x’mas. I still have my desk top that I use because I’m still learning how to use the laptop. It’s easy to use but I have a hard time learning new things. I need repetition (like maybe – 100 times of repition) before it sinks in.
    You know – concrete learners or visual learners or me repetitious learner. haha
    Anyway, I got lessons with mine. I go to the Apple store and they teach me what I need to know. By the time, I get home I can recall 50% of it
    but when I’m there it’s easy. They are very patient. They charge a yearly fee but you can go as many time as you want. You can go several times a day or once a month. It’s the same fee.
    It’s a bit more money than some others because it doesn’t have a lot of pre-installed programs. Then again, you would get only the ones you use which frees up your storage space. I believe the ‘Cloud Storage’ is included. I can’t swear to that as mine was a gift and I didn’t get those details.
    I think it’s better because their virus protection is supposed to be the best. The laptop allows you to use it everywhere at home or outdoors. AND … I’ve heard that desk type computers will soon be dinosaurs.
    As you know, technology never stays the same.
    Hope you find a real nice one that fits your needs and is priced just right. Happy Search !!!!
    Issy xo

  9. As a heavy user go for a PC, possible a Mac. Keep the tablet for out of house activities to check up etc. Laptops are handy but if you don’t look at the right angle the picture is not good enough. Tablets are much better if outside.

  10. I have an HP laptop and love it,,,there are free cloud space ie; outlook or google. but I use an external hard-drive. I find I have complete control.. good luck with your choice.. 😉

  11. I have a desktop, a laptop, and an iPad, but I haven’t turned on my desktop in probably 5 years. Although I use my iPad every day, I only use my laptop for my blogging because mine is a photography blog, and I do my editing (what little I know how to do) on my laptop sitting on the couch with my feet up :). Don’t worry about the whole Windows 7/8 thing. Frankly, I don’t find the new features that useful, so I just don’t use them. I simply stick to the normal desktop – you don’t have to use the tiles and apps. Good luck and my advice is to buy the best that you can afford so that it will last you a while.

  12. I’ve been using a lap top for awhile – I do all my writing and photos on it. The pros is that you can take it with you if you’re traveling. The con is that you can take it with you if you are traveling. Car travel is fine, but on a plane I always worry that I’ll drop it, forget it, or have it get stolen. If I had an iPad I would take that for travel instead, but for writing, you can’t beat a laptop with a full size keyboard. My husband just got a new laptop which has Windows 8, and we are both finding it a little confusing to figure out. It seems to be modeled after the windows phone, so If you have a windows smart phone, you could jump right in. Whatever you choose, I hope it doesn’t keep you away from blogging!

  13. Hi, Gilly. I use two different desktop computers for most of my work. I have an old laptop, but it won’t go online with my DSL. My two desktops are very, very, very old, and even the newest one still has Windows XP, and it will only work correctly with a Chrome browser. Sometimes, between my computer and my printer, it takes me three hours to do what should take 30 minutes. So I really do know what you’re dealing with, and I feel great sympathy.

    But often, these old machines can keep running much longer than people think if we just humor them enough. I use my computer about the way you do as well. I am usually doing some work as soon as I wake, then off and on throughout the day — depending my other work schedule — and then sometimes almost all night. Because I write the books, write for newspapers, help create and publish newsletters for civic organizations and churches, and teach the writing classes, I am constantly needing to use my computer. And often I have to spend hours dealing with photos for the newspaper stories and for the greeting cards I create.

    But to be honest, I would never consider trading my desktop for a laptop for my main work. There are no laptops that have a comfortable position for my hands and wrists when I have to write for hours. And when I’m editing pictures or students’ work, I need to use the mouse on a surface that is just to my right, so that I can rest my arm a little when I’m moving the mouse around for hours at a time. So I need a regular keyboard that sits a little lower than my computer terminal, and a mouse arranged so that it has good support for my right arm.

    They can say that desktops are going out soon, but I’m willing to bet that they will still be going strong for at least a couple more decades. And as far as Windows 8 is concerned, I don’t know anyone who is happy with it. But there are several computer technicians in our area who install Windows 7 for people at a very reasonable price, and a lot of people opt for that. I would do that if I had to get a new computer.

    I don’t know if this helps or not, but at least you have my views.

  14. Hi Gilly, We changed over to Mac about 5 years ago and have never been happier, never have a problem at all, and no worries about viruses etc and so thrilled not to have to deal with Windows … I have a little PowerBook and hate it now if I have to help anyone with a PC and Windows … my son who is here is travelling with a ChromeBook which is apparently very secure…. so much to think of. I would never have a desktop again, but do use an external drive to store my older photos. I do hope your troubles will soon be over and a shiny new computer will be gracing your abode 🙂 PS when travelling I use an iPad …

  15. Well, I couldn’t vote because I have all 3 (netbook rather than laptop) I am getting better with blogging on ipad as I use Blogsy app which is great. I am quicker on a PC / keyboard though. My 100 word Challenges are really tricky to do on ipad so I have resurrected the netbook as I’m travelling so much. External hard drives are good too.

  16. I wish I could be of some help to you Gilly but alas! I don’t know anything at all about computers. Hubby uses a laptop whose internet is not fixed because there is no connection at out new pace.

    I blog from the office Desk top. Internet is almost always stable except when there is mass power cuts or there is a problem with the network system at the office and even that is fixed as soon as possible by the tech gurus in the office! 🙂

  17. I use a laptop – a Sony Vaio – with a wireless mouse. I love the portability, but insufficient memory is a real issue. I use an external drive (or two…..obsessive remember?) to back up often. I think a laptop/notebook with ample memory over other extras would be a better bet. I only use Dropbox for files i need access to while traveling. The Ipad is only for emergencies. I find it frustrating to edit posts on it. Perhaps the app mentioned above is worth a try.
    Good luck with the decision Gilly 🙂

  18. I have a Samsung laptop. Here’s an Amazon link to my exact model/specs:
    I bought it a year ago on a special “Deal of the day” sale at Best Buy for 50% off the listed price. I’ve been extremely happy with it, although I really DON’T like how windows 8 jumps back and forth between “desktop” and “8” mode, sometimes when you haven’t even touched the machine!
    It seems WordPress has been pushing their mobile app lately, but I NEVER post from my phone using the app…I’m waaaaaayyyyy too fussy for that, and need to view my layout (and pics) on a normal size screen, not a teeny cell app interface!
    I wish you the best of luck in your new purchase! Like you, I use my pcs until they absolutely keel over and defy resurrection!

  19. i have an Acer laptop which is a few years old and powered by Windows 7. I hope it lasts at least another year as I do like the software that has been installed, especially a few of the photo editing applications.
    it is my second Acer laptop, and i couldn’t imagine using anything else. they are quite the workhorse in my experience.
    I did try to upgrade to Windows 8 (a poor choice in hindsight), and my browser became very inflexible. A friend suggested switching to Chrome as my browser, and now all is well again.
    at the same time i should say that one of my friends has a Mac and would never go back to Windows again, although so far i have not been tempted to make that switch. 🙂
    all the best with you in your search. and in the meantime, may your PC give you lots more time of use.
    PS: i also agree wholeheartedly with having an external hard drive for storing all your documents. which reminds me, that i need to do another backup again shortly.

  20. Be careful with HP Gilly…since they took over compaq they sell those cheaper but under their brand. I hated having to change [because of the burglary], but I ended up getting a MAC Book Pro and I love it. It has 750 GB, is light, quick, no virus problems, and no WINDOWS crap to deal with. I haven’t brought WORD for MAC, but use PAGES to write with and it is good. I would NEVER go back to a PC…ever !!!! As for a desktop, not sure they will go out, they have some really amazing small ones these days with huge memories, but once you get in to a laptop you will wonder why you never got one before. I also have a couple of external hard drives. Mainly for my photos, and these days there are so many places you can store your photos as well…up there !! Even on Google+…for free. I know a MAC is more expensive, but if you want something that is trouble free, reliable and easy to use…consider it if you can.

  21. And now it’s my second (or third??) reply. I had a friend give me advice the other day……….I NEEDED to SAVE some “stuff”, in this case e books! When she left, Sue said “Maureen your computer is a MESS”
    BUT she at least showed me how to transfer and save some goodies to USB sticks (NOW a work in progress) She couldn’t explain how to use an external hard drive that I KNOW could save EVERYTHING.
    Much as I think my “work/passion” is wunderbar I can not justify the upgrading costs! end of story (unless I find a millionaire!! 😉

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