Tony calls it a rant but I totally agree with him, WHY, WHY, WHY? Pop over and read, let him know your thoughts.



Here follows a rant…



Why do we war with each other?

On a bright sunny morning why can’t we rejoice in the wonder of this world and vow to live in peace?


Human Beings have forever waged war, ever since there have been too many people to comfortably live an existence which provided all we need. When we began to travelled and saw what others had, we wanted it too, at first to share then to have exclusively. We made war for water, for access to rivers seas and oceans, for precious metals, for oil, for drugs and for slaves to do our bidding.

Our leaders taxed us compulsorily and we gave to them the means to make weapons to wage war. We still do. How much peace can you make with an aircraft carrier?

We have made war in order to dominate, to impose…

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