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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. At first I thought it was a humungous Trilobite fossil, then a closer look made me wonder if it represented a clock of the various periods of Time: The Tolpuddle Martyrs, Grecian urns and possibly a Minotaur are a few I can identify around the coils! Please put me out of my misery Gilly and explain.

  2. It looks like a shell, or a horn – but there are bricks in the background! You’ve stumped me – unless it’s a bas-relief built into a wall?? Oh, wait, there are – symbols? images? – on some of the segments, so it must be something made and not grown. I’m so curious!

  3. Beautiful and mysterious. Where is this? Do you know what the symbols represent? Would love to hear more about this one, Gilly! The post-processing tones you chose for this shot are perfect.

    1. This is from the Arts Centre Cheryl,
      ‘The ammonite in the wall of the garden at the rear of the arts centre was made by the Dorset Pottery Group to celebrate the millennium. It consists of eighty individual segments, the outer ones each depicting a scene from Dorset’s history.’
      It’s in the café garden of Bridport Art Centre. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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