The Dark Panny

I was walking through the panny in  the tunnel under the road, it was a rite of passage. Girls didn’t usually go there, except me and Linda Wright. It was okay until we reached the bend under Heavitree bridge, then the darkness wrapped itself around us, like a coffin  slamming shut.

There were rats of course, occasionally one would scuttle over our plimsoles. Even scarier were the eels, they slithered in noisy gangs with their ugly whiskers. We didn’t dare confess that the green stains on our clothes came from slipping on the algae covered pebbles. As I rose in the dark these memories came rushing back again.

100wcgu-7Julia’s prompt for week 151 is . . . as I rose in the dark,  and my piece isn’t fiction!


15 thoughts on “The Dark Panny

  1. Dramatic writing from a raggle taggle gypsy, Gilly! But WHAT is a panny?The only explanation google gives is that it is a new form of key chain…..and that certainly doesn’t FIT with your prose.

  2. Even if it weren’t true, your writing absolutely makes its so! A great vignette from the past.

    (I’m off into comment hibernation for a while: I’ve become addicted to this blogging process and I need to go cold turkey until I reshape my days in a slightly less addictive way. So I’ll talk again in a few weeks.)

  3. You are so good at concise, descriptive writing.
    And since i’ve prob done more reading about England than any American EVER should, I can answer y’alls “panny” question
    It’s a colloquial term for the stream that runs under that bridge, if I’m remembering correctly?

  4. Naughty girl and brave. What was she doing there and what was she thinking? So many questions … that makes a great write. The questions make it a page turner. Your such a tease, Gilly. Perhaps, one day you’ll give us a more than we can handle. ❤

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