A Very Creative 6 Year Old


Yesterday my Granddaughter came over to spend some time making some art with me – there’s a lot of art and craft materials in my house! I had a few plans and ideas in mind before she came, so to save time I cut out some paper circles and triangles.

She chose some paint colours to work with and started mixing!


We made some pompoms the old fashioned way with two cardboard circles and some wool, to which she then added some more circles that she had drawn on – Olaf included!

Next, we moved onto a bigger project, abstract circles with pretty paper and glittery pens.
In between we baked cookies – not the best ever but we managed to put ourselves outside of some all the same, followed by lunch and the best piece of all.
Again, I was mainly the labourer here, cutting out, pouring glue and washing paint pots. It was well worth it though, she was so very proud of her creations, and so were her mum and dad when she took them home. Thanks for a lovely day Louisa!

19 thoughts on “A Very Creative 6 Year Old

  1. Make the absolute MOST of her early years………. and you have precious memories forever. When she grows up she also will treasure the time Granny spent “just with her” Merry Christmas to you and yours Gilly. xxx

  2. Such joy in sharing your time with this little beauty, Gilly. I can hear the pride shining in your writing πŸ™‚ Who will you spend Christmas with? Forgive me if I’ve already asked. The memory needs a good shove now and then πŸ™‚

  3. sounds like you both had a great time – and what beautiful crafts indeed! what lovely memories for both of you in years to come when she’s all grown up and sit and chat, ‘remember when….’
    my grandmother, ‘Omi’, i called her, lived in Germany but she came to Canada for one year when i was 2. i still have a couple of memories of that visit. what i don’t remember, though, is that apparently for years afterwards i kept asking when Omi was coming again. i didn’t see her until years later when I travelled to Germany.
    Louisa is blessed to have you so close by!

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