I wish I was this warm

If you’re like me, living in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, this is the season where we seek out small pleasures to compensate for the short days and chilly weather: fireplaces, down comforters, hot chocolate (or glühwein, if we must…).

Says Ben Huberman for this weeks challenge at the Daily Post, Warmth. The Thar Desert is without doubt the warmest place I’ve ever been, in a midday temperature of 44 degrees, I was hot and happy, even though it felt like the inside of my nose was burning. Dry heat seems to agree with me, here are some photos of my favourite kind of warmth.

Visit https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/warmth/ to join in.

20 thoughts on “I wish I was this warm

  1. Dry heat is certainly a lot easier to bear than humid heat (for that matter, dry cold days feel better than damp, raw, chilly days, even if the thermometer says the damp days are warmer). On the other hand, a trip to Las Vegas years ago taught me that, once you get up to 120 Fahrenheit (49 Celsius), hot is just plain hot, even if it is dry! So I’m not sure whether the Thar Desert would be in my “this is okay after all!” range or not.

    What is that large body of water (river? lake?) behind the musician in your photo? It looks so unexpected in a place that’s so very dry!

  2. happy HoliDaZe across da’ Werld to da’ illustrious Lucid Gypsy 😎 Gilly> Warmest of wishes for a new yearz to YOU! an YOURS frum da’ rocky mountains! …. 😎 Q

  3. Here in Virginia, USA, we can’t complain. It sure hasn’t seemed like Christmas, weather-wise. I’ve seen quite a few people running around in short sleeved shirts the past couple of days. No telling what the weather will be around here at any time of the year. I hope wherever you are, you stay warm.

  4. I’ve never been to India, but this place sounds as hot and dry as the Sahara desert in Egypt. I also tolerate dry heat better than hot and humid weather, as long as I have plenty of water to drink.

  5. Gilly!
    Christmas Day around Brisbane ,Q was roughly 85 deg Fah….as it had been for several weeks prior. Today, it has “cooled down” to 73 deg F and showers. The lower temp AND the rain are more than welcome. You want to indulge in some house sitting??

  6. The Thar desert is an amazing place. I was there in winter and the days were still hot but the nights were freezing. You brought back good memories for me Gilly

  7. Beautiful images Gilly. I prefer dry heat too…its the humidity here that becomes unbearable in summer. I love the adobe construction in the desert as well.

  8. The last thing I expected in an Australian summer was to yearn for a bit of warmth: we lit the fire last night. I love desert and your photos reminded me of that love, long squashed under Warsaw visits. Thank you for enriching my 2014 life and I’m looking forward to similar enrichment in 2015. Thanks to Christine for making the connection.

  9. great selection for the current challenge. i can’t imagine such heat right now. temperatures here are well above freezing, 44 degrees without shelter seems a bit too toasty for me 🙂
    decided to sit out this challenge, but enjoyed this entry. thanks for sharing.

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