January’s Bench Dream



For a summer loving lass like me, a balmy hour on a garden bench surrounded by plants is perfect. This one is at Penshurst Place, near Royal Tunbridge Wells, taken last June.
bench hiding

Jude has created a new monthly challenge, a photo of a bench. She has discovered that lots of people have a passion for taking photos of them, and have many in their collections. I’m a one of those bench anoraks, as well as windows and doors! If you are too, why not pop over http://smallbluegreenwords.wordpress.com/bench-series/ and join in?

Jude says,

For some time now I have been photographing benches when I come across them. I like benches. I especially like them when they are placed in a convenient position, like half way up a hill, or on the top of a cliff, preferably with a view. Some benches have plaques, some have slats, some are made of wood, some are good (to sit on). So for the next year, as a new feature, I am going to post a photo of a bench/seat each week. So you can take the weight of your feet and relax and breathe…

Jude is a real garden lover, so she is kicking off the challenge this month with the theme of garden benches


36 thoughts on “January’s Bench Dream

  1. We’re going to be fighting to post benches now, Gilly! 🙂 🙂 What challenge are you going to start? I’ve got my book- I’ll come and sit alongside. I’ll be very quiet! 🙂

    Incidentally, have you heard from Cathy lately? She usually pops in on mine and I’ve left a couple of comments but no response. Just busy, I expect, and planning for the next jaunt.

    1. I wish I had time to start a challenge but I wouldn’t be able to reply and visit everyone! I do my Lazy Poets Thursday Haiku and anyone is welcome to use the photo I post, Celestine does, maybe you would like to? 🙂

  2. Ah, now that is a sweet bench, from what I can see of it. Didn’t make it to Penshurst Place, but it looks like somewhere I’d love to wander. And relax… and contemplate life. BTW Gilly can you add the tag ‘bench series’ then others can search on it and find all the bench posts.
    Cheers my dear. Thanks for taking part 🙂

      1. It certainly is Gilly. I’m going back through lots of folders reliving the times and looking for those sneaky benches that seem to crop up

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