Trekking with a reward

Parco Dell’Etna in the north east of Sicily is a dynamic landscape. When I visited in 2013, there were nineteen eruptions, hence climbing up to the crater was prohibited. Etna, Europe’s highest volcano is 3323 metres high and also the most active. We spent a day driving around the national park, but soon realised that the best way to see it was with a guide, so we shared a 4 wheel drive with two other travellers.
We set off from Monte Sartorius, on a 5 kilometre trail to 2000 metres. A bright sunny day but getting cooler the higher we went.

This stuff isn't the easiest to walk on
This stuff isn’t the easiest to walk on
This tree was damaged by an eruption


Getting higher . . .

But not as high as them yet
But not as high as them yet

Some of the lava has very sharp edges, some gives way under your feet, concentration is necessary!
This path felt rather precarious, narrow, no grip and a steep drop.

The view was getting better
The view was getting better
Until . . .
Until . . .
At last we reach our highest point with Mount Etna in front of us

Looking back down towards the valley

Down below the tree line
Down below the tree line
And way across to the Alcantara mountain range
And way across to the Alcantara mountain range

This was a two to three hour walk, steep in some places but not particularly challenging. It was a bit of a knee killer though and I could feel that I’d done something the next day, the reward outweighed the pain though!

16 thoughts on “Trekking with a reward

  1. You must be spry and agile as a billy goat. I can’t climb anything without hanging onto a railing. Good for you. Thank you for the fabulous photographs, Gilly. Marvelous views. ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

  2. That was quite some climb, Gilly. We did something similar in Costa Rica, and the lava was really wet and slippery because it was raining. Unfortunately we had no reward, as the Arenal volcano was shrouded in mist, so we couldn’t see it. šŸ˜¦ Your views here are spectacular. šŸ™‚ One really has to be so careful with knees, especially when clambering down again.

  3. Wonderful views ā€¦ you’ve captured them beautifully. I could never have made it with my destroyed from dancing knees. My heart would have been in it but my knees would have said, “No Way”, Thank you for posting this never to be seen in person by me beauty.
    Fascinating ā€¦ !!!!

  4. A lovely walk Gilly – one I’ll never do, so particularly thank you. The photos give a great sense of the walk up and the views out. I’d need my spotted gum walking stick for that narrow track with no traction and a steep drop.

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