My Last March Bench

green circle benchWooden benches have been the theme for Jude’s monthly challenge, this is my second entry, just in time. This one is situated along the mill leat path, part of the riverside country park in Exeter’s Green Circle. The Circle forms a green corridor to provide a haven for wildlife, and cycle and peaceful footpaths for everyone to enjoy. If you sit on this bench the leat runs through the wooded area behind you and in front there is a view of the stream that runs off to re-join the river Exe. Sometimes that’s a tiny trickle through mud!

It’s a nice walk with lots of ways out to make it as long or short as you feel like, this bench is often a turning point before heading back to the quay for a coffee, beer or ice cream.

There is still time if you have a wooden bench to share with Jude, or from April 1st the challenge is to photograph a bench with a view.

As Fleeting as . . .

The finest film of liquid, suspended in and encapsulating the air. That’s ephemeral to me.

“One thing I love about taking photos is that it forces me to be present — to consider and appreciate now, before now evaporates and becomes then.” Says Krista at the Daily Post for this weeks photo challenge. Click any photo for a bigger view.

What do you find ephemeral? maybe sculptures in sand or ice, perhaps pavement art? You can join in or see other interpretations if you click the link.


Strolling Route 2

I set off to Dart’s Farm today for a stroll around their fields with the dogs, they have a farm walk, a bird hide and fishing lakes as well as the shopping experience they are well known for. It was a beautiful afternoon and I decided that I wanted to walk a bit further than Dart’s could offer, so I crossed over and took a path that joins the Exe Trail, which runs up the river Exe to Exeter and back down the other side. It’s part of National Cycle Network route 2 that will eventually run all the way from Kent to Cornwall.

The section that runs alongside the Exe is around 16 miles and must surely be one of the loveliest. Just below Topsham on the picture, you can see Darts Farm, where I began,

it’s the  modern building in the distant background to the right. The white house boat must belong to someone, I hope they rescue it before it rots away, I know I’d like to.

The bridge above has one of the newest sections, with great views over Bowling Green marsh.

I’m striding along now, parallel to the railway line that I travelled on the day before, taking two of my grandchildren to the beach at Exmouth. The old bridge spans an area with an inlet that probably floods at times.

it’s certainly soggy today.
I’m heading towards Exton now and the views of the river are gorgeous.But the railway line and a fence are in the way. Never mind, the path  turns inland through the little village of very expensive houses, and out the other side.

The river gets wider and Exmouth is in the distance, my favourite estuary. I pass by the Royal Marines commando training centre,

but there are no fit men to watch today!
Instead I pass a group of young people in fatigues yomping along. They may be cadets, definitely not marines, they were having too much fun.

It’s a really warm day and while I don’t mind walking in full sun, the dogs are getting elderly so we sit, so  they can rest and nibble on the cleavers, and then retrace our steps. We didn’t quite reach Lympstone.

The tide was lower as I headed back inland, there were fewer cyclists and walkers going by, and the only sounds were birdsong. I had a lovely walk, around five miles and flat apart from going through Exton.
I hope you enjoyed it, and Jo too, as I’m posting for her Monday Walk.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This week the challenge is to share a photo or several that express ‘fresh’, and I’ve found it really difficult. I’ve seen lots of gorgeous images of flowers and food and I thought I would do the same. At last I came across this shot of a recently ploughed field, fresh and ready for seed.

So then I was able to make a link to the earth, with these colourful plants in the garden centre, ready for the soil.
And lastly, a tasty harvest from the earth.
You can join in and see lots more entries here.