A Crafty Day

It began with a walk on the beach at Beer, and a photo

or two.
Followed by an edit using Pixlr Express, to make a collage.
Which appeared on my blog and then sat in a dusty computer folder for months.
Then I felt a need and found some paper
I cropped and printed the collage and stuck it to some card, the size of a shorthand notebook
front cover
I ironed on some plastic coating. It would have been easier if I’d done that before, but hey, sometimes you have to learn the hard way!
With a little help from a friend with way more skill and experience than I have, thank you Lindy, I stitched it all together with Coptic stitch.
coptic stitch
So now I have a new notebook that’s very light, created to my own specifications, that no one else has.

48 thoughts on “A Crafty Day

  1. When I saw your title “A crafty day” I was eager to see what you’d been up to. Wonderful. I’m being haunted by handmade books – 2015 is the first time in at least ten years that I haven’t made an annual diary for myself, although mine is much more prescriptive. What’s going into this splendid book? It was great seeing your hands too – at least I presume they were yours. And then of course there were those superb photos.

  2. What a brilliant way to extend the life of a great trip!! Do you download pics from the camera to a PC or tablet when you use apps? Thinking I do need to get a camera as my phone is old now & not giving me the quality it once did but it is the convenience of using apps.

  3. I love notebooks, especially handmade. I used to make them years and years ago when I was still working. Yours is attractive and I bet each time you see it or pick it up, the memories of the day you took the actual pictures will flood back. Nice way to spend a day. ❀

  4. Super crafty creation … I like it very much. The idea of making a little journal for personal use that is lightweight is genius. One day, when I have nothing to do … hahaha – that’s a tongue-in-cheek humor … I will attempt you’re lovely crafty book. Well done, Gilly. 😊

      1. Awww … I don’t think that will happen soon but thanks for the push. Too many projects on my desk for the business. It looks like all of those photos of the artwork that we had a photographer doing will now be my duty. I’m having FUN though !!! πŸ˜„

    1. It’s only staring and finishing that’s a bit tricky, you could do it easily. It’s going to Barcelona with me on a trip where I’m only taking hand luggage (your worst nightmare :-)! ). that’s why I wanted something very light

  5. Love the collage – I was thinking how great that would look printed out and framed and hung on a wall, and then I read what you actually did with it – very clever. Like others I am curious to know what you will write about in your new note-book.
    Jude xx

  6. Wow! Absolutely stunning Gilly and I love the images you chose. They are totally amazing! What a great crafty idea hon. I love it. πŸ˜€ β™₯

  7. Brilliant Gilly – must give great satisfaction to make something so lovely and handy to boot.
    Me – now I’m lazy and like going in stationery shops – no hope! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Margi, I love stationery shops and have a few journals as you can imagine but while they are beautiful to look at they usually disappoint when I actually write in them. A hand made one opens flat if it’s made properly and it looks and feels exactly as I want it too Gx πŸ™‚

    1. I always plan to get some photos on the wall but don’t get round to it – the old ‘not good enough’ saboteur probably ! This is an alternative that’s being used already πŸ™‚

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