A Morning Challenge in Heavitree


This morning person has no problem getting up, but finds it harder to get out the door. Today I was awake at 4.45, stressing about all the things I have to do and up at 5.20!I love the quiet hours around dawn, so yesterday partly because of the photo challenge, and partly because I was going east 125 miles to visit my daughter and family, I made special effort to walk the dogs early so I took them out at 7am, they were shocked!

Stepping into the front garden the sun bleached the colour from the pesky Spanish bluebells


When I saw this photo I couldn’t think what shrub this was, then realised it’s Gilliae Shadownia plant!


A view up from the path, spot the bindweed invading from next doors garden.


Dido is trying to smell the camellia.


Up around the block is a window I’ve always admired, in the shade this morning though. Discovery is a nursery.


This tiny council border always has a little colour.


if you look through the window of St Clares Chapel you can see the morning light on the window on the other side of the building.

Here is St Clare’s, glowing in the morning light. It’s built from Heavitree stone, I think they still have a service here occasionally.

These pods are left from autumn, anyone know what the tree is? Jude maybe?


These are the Livery Dole Almshouses, next to St Clare’s, built by Lady Louisa Rolle in 1849, to replace earlier ones dating back to 1594. Livery Dole, from the old English Leofhere – the man who owned to land, and Dole meaning a piece of land, is a small triangle dividing Heavitree road from Magdalen road. Until 1531 heretics were burned at the stake at the junction nearby, hence the name lots of history here!
This is a very difficult challenge for me, dawn is before 6am at present and I would need to drive a few miles to photograph anything interesting, so this is the best I could do, phone photos on a dog walk!

19 thoughts on “A Morning Challenge in Heavitree

  1. enjoyed the flow of the whole post – I am partial to the windows – so tasty – and at first I thought you were saying that to
    discover can nurse your soul – or like it was a wise saying – “discovery is a nursery”
    but then I quickly saw the sign and got it all!! ha

  2. Love your garden and all the buildings on your dog walk, Gilly. I don’t believe I’d be out the door as early as you, although I was awake as early as you. You live in a most pleasant area. 😀 😀

  3. I enjoyed this early morning walk with you. A nice feel to all the pictures, but I especially liked your “Gilliae Shadownia” plant. You have a great sense of humor for so early in the morning.

  4. Not interesting? Who are you kidding? I want to plant Gilliae Shadownia in my yard. Do you have a cutting?? I’m partial to the relatively modest church and the bluebells of course. Lovely window and camellia-sniffing dog. I hope you enjoyed the trip to the family.

  5. I’ve been wanting to wake up very early over the weekend to go somewhere and so I can avoid the crowd, but I’m not a morning person who always having hard to time to get up. 😀 You gotta share your secrets, or some of your excitements to me. 😀

  6. I seem to be in that same time frame, Gilly. I do rather like the early mornings but we’re seldom in bed before 11.30/midnight, resulting in my library book wilting into the bath sometimes 😦

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