A Bright Spring Day

We’ve had some glorious weather in April here in the UK, short sleeves and paddling, interspersed with grey cloudy days as we would expect. Coming home from Spain this week has been a sharp shock though, rain, wind and as low as 10degrees in the day.

But yesterday on my lunchtime stroll there was a mini breakthrough, still cool but a gorgeous spring day. This is where I strolled.

So as it’s Friday already I’m not complaining!

19 thoughts on “A Bright Spring Day

  1. I love those roses. I have a whole bowl of them, a gift from J. in second courtship days. Can’t remember what they’re off, though. A pine? You’ve given me a wonderful foretaste of spring, making me even more eager to board the plane (in an hour) from Helsinki to Warsaw, to see what it’s offering this Mayday weekend.

    Enjoy the delights of warm weather and spring beauty.

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