The Intricacies of nature and man

The Bear Hut at National Trust Killerton was reputedly created to house a real live bear in the grounds of the property. I’m really not convinced, I think it was more likely a great playhouse for the children of the family. Either way it’s a cute little place with some interesting decorative features, including this pretty ceiling studded with natural pine cones arranged by man in a pattern on something like hessian.

This well nibbled leaf has been made into an intricate design by one of nature’s creatures.

Some human has used delicate silk to create an intricate design on these hats.

When I got my current mobile phone a couple of year ago I was experimenting with photographing a fast running stream. What I didn’t realise at the time was that I had it on a setting called Harris Shutter that does weird things to images, I nearly deleted it, but kept it because I like the intricate mix of colours!

This carved and painted arch is inside Exeter Cathedral, it’s one of many intricate and ornate features there.

When I started thinking about this challenge and looking at some photos, I concluded that and awful lot of my photos fit the bill, because I like to focus on little details. How about you?
You know how to join in!


19 thoughts on “The Intricacies of nature and man

  1. Gilly, these are all fantastic. I can’t decide which one I like best, but I’ll have to agree with the others that the Harris Shutter effect is worth giving extra attention to.

  2. A wonderful array of fascinating intricate patterns, Gilly. I love that Harris Shutter effect. I want it on my phone too. 😕 The playhouse ceiling is very neat indeed. 🙂

  3. Those pine cones intrigue me. How long have they been there? I would expect them to decay with time. That Harris Shutter effect is dazzling. Have you used it deliberately since you found it?

    1. The bear hut was built in the 1860’s – I suspect the cones would need to be replaced from time to time. I’ve tried the Harris Shutter again but didn’t get anything interesting. It may have been the moving water, perhaps I’ll have another go before I upgrade the phone 🙂

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