Half Hours in the Tiny World

What does “enveloped” mean to you? It could be your post-bath toddler wrapped burrito-style in a huge fuzzy towel. How about the ever-present fog that meanders through your city? Is it the well-loved hammock you lie in devouring novels as if they were candy? Maybe it’s your favorite fluffy comforter, edges worn from love and use?

Krista asks this question for this weeks photo challenge and as often happens when I’m stuck, I let my imagination run away with me.  When I need to escape or when I’m tired I let myself be enveloped in a book. It could be fiction – a novel perhaps, my ‘comfort book’ is Miss Austen’s Emma, a short story, or perhaps a poetry anthology. The shelves in my house are stacked with books on a wide variety of subjects and include some antiquarian books. Here is one of them.

It’s packed with treasure from the natural world, such as the metamorphosis of gnats, delicately sketched.


The life of a spider,

bees and wildflowers


This book has a dedication inside that reads:-

Third prize for
General Improvement,
merited by
Rose Weller
Cambridge House July 1879

That’s a long time to be enveloping people in its magic!


32 thoughts on “Half Hours in the Tiny World

    1. …or even Rose Weller – not sure how I managed to mangle that so well! Did a quick search for Cambridge House and found a grammar school in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

  1. How fascinating is this book, Gilly? Oh the history behind it, and I’m now imagining Rose’s pride when she was presented with her prize all those years ago. Thanks for sharing the beautiful illustrations. A most enchanting take on the challenge. 🙂

  2. Nothing I like better than being enveloped in a book, Gilly. It’s a little unsettled here today and I have a dire head cold, but still I’m looking longingly at the garden seat and my book. 🙂 Happy Saturday!

      1. Fit as a lop, Gilly! I had a fabulous outing this morning, before the thunder, lightning and hailstones arrived 🙂 Typing this with one eye on Chelsea. Fabulous stuff! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful old book – and a beautiful post – and a beautiful take on the theme. I wish I’d owned this book as a child, and lucky you owning it now. The cover is so from a period, and small things are entrancing: we squatted looking at two snails in the park this morning, both spotted by my granddaughter from her bike.

    1. It is lovely and I would have been in heaven had i had it as a child. My grandchildren love the natural world – except that Louisa is frightened of bees, which is fair enough!

  4. Lovely interpretation Gilly and oh that gorgeous book. I can imagine it smelling old and those delightful sketches, I would drool over it…

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