Tantalising Glimpses of Guell

Our journey on the Bus Turistic continued past Sagrada Familia  and through the trendy Gracia area. Our destination for the morning was perhaps the furthest point on the blue route, Parc Guell.  We jumped off the bus, following a few others and turned a corner into full sun. Parc Guell is in the the Zona Monumental and a monumental hill faced us! Pretty soon our water bottles and our tummy’s were empty so we sought out a café for an early lunch. Surprisingly, considering the vicinity, the first one we came across was cheap, a little local place where we had pizza, churros and coffee for just a few euros. Refreshed, we tackle the rest of the hill, resisting the tacky tourist shops along the way.

Eventually we turned the corner and had our first view of Parc Guell.

We were hooked right away, and headed towards the entrance.
This wasn’t it, originally this was built as the porter’s lodge and entrance, but for now it’s one of the exits.
The selfie sticks available in all those tourist shops were being put to good use. So we strolled a few metres more, up the path to the ticket office,

where we were told that we wouldn’t be able to go in for another four hours. We bought our tickets to enter between 5.30 and 6pm, for seven euros each,
and feeling hot and irritable, but glad we would be able to go later, walked all the way back down that monumental hill.

So, we’d had a little peep at what was to come and had to entertain ourselves on the blue bus for a while.

What could we do?

20 thoughts on “Tantalising Glimpses of Guell

  1. Wow, it looks really crowded, Gilly. I think we must have gone there ‘out of season’ if there is such a thing these days. 🙂 They’ve changed the whole concept. We didn’t have to pay an entrance fee, and there was no gate or fence. One just wandered in and around.

    1. It was very busy even at 6pm but I expected that. The entrance fee wasn’t too bad compared to some of the sights in Barcelona – or London for that matter. Well worth it anyway, I want to go back and stay longer.

  2. Wow, I’m glad I didn’t have a four hour wait when I went there, Gilly. I was there in the heat of the summer, in July, and I got right in, though it was quite crowded. I wonder if these delayed entries are a new thing? I loved Parc Guell. 🙂 Oh, I see you waited with sangria. Ok, that makes it all better!!

  3. Great cliffhanger, Gilly. You’ve tantalised beautifully: those glimpses leave me eager for more. How long were you in Barcelona? You seem to have packed in heaps, and you obviously know how to make a wait worthwhile.

    1. We arrived after lunch on Wednesday and left after lunch on Saturday. Long enough for a taster. The frustrating thing was not being able to take as many photos as I normally would and I only took a point and shoot for security. A wonderful city though and I’ll go back next year maybe!

  4. I don’t know what this is yet, but the buildings are so whimsical, I;m hooked, To bad you needed to ‘kill’ four hours before getting in. Can’t wait for what’s on the other side. ❤ ❤

  5. We caught the bus to a park further out (and higher up!) Gilly, but the name eludes me at the moment. Begins with M, I think. A little funfair and staggering views. I remember it being hot 🙂 I hope you got into Guell when it wasn’t too busy. We were there as the gates opened. Fabulous!!! 🙂 And then hopped back on the bus.

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