Packaging Insanity

This morning I received a parcel, small items that I will need in the next few weeks. Much as I love a certain international company that began by selling books, and now sells everything I could need and many things I didn’t know existed, sometimes the amount of packaging is crazy. I applaud them for using packing that can be recycled
but the sheer volume?

A 40 x 30 x 11 centimetre box
A 40 x 30 x 11 centimetre box

Let's open it shall we?
Let’s open it shall we?

About six metres of paper
About six metres of paper

My three small items!
My three small items!

Thank goodness my city is brilliant at recycling!


38 thoughts on “Packaging Insanity

  1. Oh, yes, I know that packaging well! Lordy, what a waste! Glad your stuff arrived, however.

    And just so you know. This summer I’m going on two-month RV trip with my nearing-ninety Godmother and her cat Pepe le Mew. I leave for the US in a week. The RV is huge, 37-feet. My Godmother will be driving and towing an SUV the entire way. She was a Flamenco dancer during her entire professional life. I’m going to try to blog about our trip and write a book about the 64 beautiful years she and my Godfather, a Venezuelan movie star (I kid you not!), were married, until Raul died last fall one month shy of his 97th birthday.

    Happy canning. Sorry to have been away so long!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. I have been known to write to companies complaining about their wasteful packaging. At least your pile is recyclable. What really irritates me is blister packs for medication – they are not recyclable because of the mixed materials and are, so often, excessively huge for the size of the tablets they contain.

  3. When I saw the title I thought it was political commentary on the awful events in Sousse, Gilly. So glad it’s just a dig at Amazon. Did you have a good day on Saturday? πŸ™‚

  4. Well come to China where you can buy an apple in a bag wrapped in plastic. With over a billion people here it worries me of the waste created so unnecessarily. Many objects are packaged that way, although it has improved over the last few years.

      1. I know it is so silly. With millions and billions buying these products it can do so much environmental damage. At least they charge for plastic carrier bags and encourage reusable.

  5. The UK can recycle Gilly but over here, the cities are littered with so much filth including wrapping such as above. We wouldn’t mind so much packaging if we can recycle πŸ™‚

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