A Sheltered Gothic Bench

Edit a bench photo  for my challenge Jude says, give it an art effect! Well it seems I’ve forgotten all the tricks I used to know. Using android has made me lazy and I can’t find anything in Photoshop. This is what I came up with, but that was yesterday and now I have no idea how.

The Gothic Bench at Uppark
The Gothic Bench at Uppark

Uppark is a National Trust property perched high on the beautiful South Downs ridge. My photo is of the Gothic bench, that had a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Most memorable for me at Uppark, was being told off for daring to turn a few feet aside to look at a painting,  when the guide wanted to frogmarch everyone ahead!


The Quotes Challenge Day Three

Aayusi has kindly nominated me for the Quotes Challenge, thank you again Aayusi. Today is my last post. The idea is to post a favourite quote for three days and nominate three people to join in. I haven’t nominated, but instead if you haven’t been invited but want to take part please do so. So here is day three, a very special one that few of you will have come across.

If the Universe wants you somewhere you know it will happen regardless of the weather

Christine Whitelaw