A Sheltered Gothic Bench

Edit a bench photo  for my challenge Jude says, give it an art effect! Well it seems I’ve forgotten all the tricks I used to know. Using android has made me lazy and I can’t find anything in Photoshop. This is what I came up with, but that was yesterday and now I have no idea how.

The Gothic Bench at Uppark
The Gothic Bench at Uppark

Uppark is a National Trust property perched high on the beautiful South Downs ridge. My photo is of the Gothic bench, that had a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Most memorable for me at Uppark, was being told off for daring to turn a few feet aside to look at a painting,  when the guide wanted to frogmarch everyone ahead!

30 thoughts on “A Sheltered Gothic Bench

  1. I am delighted to meet someone else who forgets yesterday’s post-processing adventures today. And someone else who dares deviate from the guided tour. Heaven forbid one should want to look at anything.
    Oh, and whatever you did to the photo it looks good!

  2. I echo Meg on all counts, Gilly 🙂 Only going to add that it’s such a wonderfully unusual bench- isn’t that next month’s challenge? (unusual)
    And when are you going to the Algarve? I haven’t anything booked yet 😦

  3. I know, I know … for weeks now I try to learn more about editing… After a few days break I have to start all over again….
    Great bench and picture!

  4. Well done Gilly on several accounts! Lovely (unusual) bench, great processing and good for you in daring to be different! I’m a bit miffed though as I lived not far from Uppark and visited it a couple of times but I never saw this bench!!!

    1. Last year I went to Hampshire, Sussex and Kent visiting family and visiting NT gardens en route. I had to check that this was Uppark because it has all run into one in my head! To be honest I didn’t find it particularly nice there.

      1. Uppark didn’t have a garden that I remember, but I do remember the Dairy with its lovely stained-glass windows, and I drove there in my son’s convertible Audi which he’d left with me when he was on tour in Afghanistan! I loved driving that car 🙂

  5. Well, whatever you did or didn’t do, this is a great photo. Looks like a beautiful place, but since your memories of your visit there aren’t particularly positive, it’s probably not at the top of your own list of favorites. And Hurray for you for stopping to look at things along the tour. After all, if all you had wanted to do was walk briskly in a straight line, you could have done that at home.

  6. Great angle you shot from Gilly as it gives a good view of the unusual decorations. It does look as though it came from the era when the knights in shining armour battled each other while the ladies sat in tents that looked like this, and cheered them on. All very gothic!!!!

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