The Quotes Challenge Day Three

Aayusi has kindly nominated me for the Quotes Challenge, thank you again Aayusi. Today is my last post. The idea is to post a favourite quote for three days and nominate three people to join in. I haven’t nominated, but instead if you haven’t been invited but want to take part please do so. So here is day three, a very special one that few of you will have come across.

If the Universe wants you somewhere you know it will happen regardless of the weather

Christine Whitelaw


17 thoughts on “The Quotes Challenge Day Three

  1. Can’t say better than Meg has. I was in the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture garden a couple of weeks ago and she was there with me, grinning through that hole. Beautiful quote.

  2. I hope, Gilly,
    I’m allowed to add another quote:
    “I think music in itself is healing.
    It’s an explosive expression of humanity.
    It’s something we are all touched by.
    No matter what culture we’re from,
    everyone loves music.”
    – Billy Joel

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