A Bench for Conversation

As the days get shorter, cooler and much more damp I can’t help but look back on summer and wish it wasn’t leaving. I’m not a winter girl, and the misty, drizzly start to today wrapped around me and lowered my mood for most of the morning. A similar low seemed to have invaded several others in my office too, with one person talking constantly all day, but only to himself and all negative.

I’m at home now and it’s a new month for Jude’s bench challenge. I’ve had this month’s entry planned since June – remember June? those wonderful days when the sun didn’t set until nearly ten pm? That’s when I’m happiest. To be honest September has been pretty good as well, with an adventure in Portugal, where I found some more benches and wonderful places to explore.

I think Jude will know this bench, I’m sure she’s sat there and if she hasn’t she will!

St Ives BenchIt looks quite exotic doesn’t it? St Ives on a glorious day is just that, and this view is certainly worth lingering over, especially if you’ve already bought one of those Cornish ice creams.

Well, I seem to have cheered myself up, my next challenge is to not be grumpy tomorrow 🙂

Pop over and see Jude’s ‘Diana‘ bench if you can find it.