Across the Thar, Bikaner to the ends of the earth with prickles in my salwar kameez.

A couple of days about I posted about visiting India ten years ago, and that led to a comment from our driver, protector and Rajasthan expert Magan Singh. He now runs his own tour company and I know he must be doing a brilliant job. If anyone wants a wonderful India tour Magan is your man. Magan it’s wonderful to hear from you and I wish you all the best for the future

Lucid Gypsy

Until I began researching the idea of a trip to India I didn’t know Jaisalmer existed, but once I did it had the most powerful allure. I have tales to tell about the places en route out of Delhi, but that’s for later. We left Bikaner early, to travel 200 miles across the great Thar desert, a place so hot it burns inside your nostrils when you take a breath. After some 15 miles on NH15, signs of life became scarce. We stopped for a stretch and a photo opportunity, and when the engine was cut we stepped out into the most complete silence I’ve never heard. The landscape was empty, vegetation was the odd scrap of scrubby weed, with an occasional bug burrowing around it. It was my first taste of really dry heat – the closest feeling I can compare it to is a hair dryer on dry…

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