Another Circle

The Devonshire Regiment was formed in the late 17th century as an infantry regiment,  and was engaged in many conflicts until 1958, when it amalgamated with the Dorset regiment to become the Devonshire and Dorset. They had a base at Topsham barracks in Exeter, a once grand building that I suspect is rather faded now.

The regiment’s badge was an eight pointed star surrounding a circular scroll with Rougemont (Exeter) Castle in it’s centre.


I found this badge on a wall at Coldharbour Mill on Saturday and thought it was a good circle for Cheri’s photo challenge.



9 thoughts on “Another Circle

  1. What a magnificent badge Gilly. Funny how when a challenge comes along you start to notice things that have always been there and gone unnoticed (I mean this for all of us, not you in particular) 🙂

  2. A great ‘circle’ Gilly 🙂
    And it’s made me realise how little I know about Exeter, I didn’t realise the city had a castle! The only castle I was aware of was The Chiefs rugby ground at Sandy Park!! 🙂

      1. I’ve seen the Roman remains, and I agree with you Gilly, Exeter is a beautiful city :-). I’ve only been into the city itself on two or three occasions, but have driven passed on the M5/A30 road numerous times!

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