Another Quay Perspective

I wasn’t intending to post for Jo’s Monday Walk this week, the skies have been so grey that my photos have been depressing! But then yesterday I grabbed a dry hour, took the dogs out, and the light turned out to be quite pretty. I had a lift to Colleton Crescent, from where I could drop down to the quayside, but first I went along to see the view.


If you can see the crescent from the quay the reverse should be possible I thought.

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Here’s the crescent, Georgian and built in 1800, it stands on a sandstone bluff over the Exe and was even painted by Turner in 1827. In 2013 one of these houses sold for nearly 1.5 million, so this is a crescent of privilege.


Time to head on downwards, I like the shapes in this photo, the right fork of water is the canal.


I like these little houses but they must get a lot of passers by.


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I’d usually walk across the wooden bridge but there were lots of swans gathered on it, someone was feeding them and besides terriers and swans don’t get on!
But that’s okay, we walked along Commercial road. This area used to be clubland when I was in my teens, and I haven’t walked that way for years. I’m glad I did because of these two gates.

Back along a footpath to the river and over the blue bridge.


Where the footpath up river is flooded.


The terrace is at the top of this photo and I was picked up again so my short walk is over.