Lazy Poet’s Thursday Tanka for Tish

Deep colour spectrum

scribbled with arachnid silk.

Textured rays, fibres

terra pots disintegrate

and crumble back to grey dust.

Tish took and edited this fascinating photo, which she named ‘Through a Web Darkly’, and very kindly offered it as inspiration for our writing. I’d written this before I had a reply with permission to post! Isn’t it a good image? I love it, thanks Tish.

16 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Tanka for Tish

  1. A lovely pairing, you and Tish! I love the way you pay tribute to photo with poem. A lot of great contrasts as you include all the elements of the image. “Scribbled” is a great description and “textured rays” is perfect.

  2. Amazing image, Gilly, and I was thinking it would do well for Thursday’s Special (organised noise). You’ve matched it brilliantly with your words. ‘Scribbled with arachnid silk’- a lot special! 🙂 I shall pop over and see Tish now 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  3. another fan of the line // scribbled with arachnid silk. // you certainly have a way with haikus and tankas. Fits the image perfectly. Have no doubts. xx

  4. Doubt? Smout — stop “pouting” you nailed that description in living color…

    “Deep colour spectrum

    scribbled with arachnid silk. “And crumble back to grey dust!” AWESOME!

    Textured rays, fibres

    terra pots disintegrate”

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