The Broadchurch Beach

Broadchurch is a British crime drama series filmed in various locations in the south west of England. It has won several BAFTA’s and there has been an American remake, under the name of Gracepoint and also starring David Tennant of Dr Who fame.

It was first shown in the UK three years ago, and I’ve yet to see an episode, but I have been to the beach, it’s just down the road from Bridport, at West Bay!

bc3-02Looking west at West Bay, uh, the Broadchurch bay


bc1-1-01On a rough February day.

bc2-02 [446523]Looking east.

bc10-02Blowing away the cobwebs and getting icy cold hands!

Have you seen Broadchurch, if so should I try to catch it even though I don’t watch crime drama?

25 thoughts on “The Broadchurch Beach

  1. Love those cliffs—and blue stones! Any fossils found in the cliffs? No I haven’t viewed the TV series. I don’t even know if it has been screened in Oz as I’m a reader rather than a viewer.

  2. Wonderful wonderful photos. I’d much rather look at them than “Broadchurch” (which incidentally I have watched in bits and pieces during binges). I particularly love the horizontals in the second one, the rocks (of course, although geology’s gone back to where it came from in the flurry of other things), and the amazing water-wedge in the last one. I love the way we all keep pulling new rabbits out of our-locality hats!

  3. My last visit to Broadchurch / West Bay was after a storm and it was very wild on the pebble ridge! We headed for the café there for hot chocolate! A nice place and you have some really lovely photos here. I quite liked the first series of the drama, but wouldn’t recommend the second one. But then I do like crime thrillers, especially Scandi Noir!! Must admit Bridport was a place we thought about moving to and its nearness to this beach.

  4. Strange how things sink into your consciousness. I haven’s seen the series but instantly recognised those cliffs even so – the power of advertising I guess. It looks beautiful.

  5. I went online and found the series Broadchurch AND the US version Grace Point but watched a couple of the BBC version shows and your beach photos set the mood for certain! The storyline a bit grim but well done and it was so cool to see where you took your pictures, Gilly and fortunately yours were sans corpse.

    1. Oh Ruth thank you, so as a result of seeing my photos you’ve watched a tv program British I’ve never even seen, amazing how blogging buzzes around the world. A friend told me that someone fell from the cliff in one series. Do yo usually watch crime drama?

      1. I don’t usually watch crime dramas except Steve uncovered old Columbo shows from early 70s on Netflix and we’ve watched a few this winter with interesting guest stars who are all passed now. (Leonard Nimoy for one) The cliffs played a role in the series, yes.

  6. I do love West Bay and the whole of the coastal area around Bridport. It’s great for beachcombing and fossil hunting too! If you don’t like crime dramas then don’t bother watching Broadchurch…although as I do like these type of dramas it was indeed one of the best ever made…but the second series was silly and unecessary. Thanks for posting these great photos!

  7. Apparently after Broadchurch was screened, the local tourist board in west bay ran “who killed Danny” tours of all the places featured in the series! If you do like crime drama it was a very compelling programme!

  8. Loved the British Broadchurch series, but for the life of me, I can’t fathom why the Americans tried to copy it. 😕 Super photos, Gilly. Love the textures in those cliffs and I really had fun finding faces too. The turquoise is exquisite. 🙂

  9. What a crazy idea to take a stroll along a British beach on a stormy February day ~ but it certainly paid off with these brilliant photos, Gilly! The sheer cliffs and threatening skies are a perfect foil to the ‘frothy coffe’ waves and gritty shingle. We did start watching ‘Broadchurch’ but found it too intense and turned It off, so I can’t really recommend it.

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