Cotehele in Monochrome

Jude is looking for monochrome photos for her Garden Challenge in February. She advises us to,

Look for texture, shape and patterns. The subject matter is entirely up to you, but should be loosely garden related

The challenge has made me think about the hard landscape and structures in gardens, rather than just plants. Although I haven’t visited any gardens this year, I’ve found a few possibilities in my archives and this is my second attempt.

There’s still time to get a February entry in, next month is wildlife.


13 thoughts on “Cotehele in Monochrome

  1. You were daring. I can’t even get a good shot of a garden let alone one that would translate so beautifully into b&w. The framing with wall and shadow, the formality of the espaliered (?) tree, the ancient windows and walls – so much to enjoy.

    (I’ve just been for a morning swim – the new addiction – and I even put my head under water!! I know. I’ve lived beachside for 20 years, and rarely entered the ocean. Insanity!)

  2. Great take on the challenge Gilly! I love those windows and what a beautiful garden! Is that a creeper or a bush that compliments the wall like that. It’s gorgeous! 😀

  3. Oh no!!! Bad to worser! Wildlife??? I’d just been wondering what next month’s was and too lazy to check. I’m useless with things that flit about 🙂 Unlike you, my love, who can make anything look beautiful. This is so serene. I like it a lot, Gilly. 🙂

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