31 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh, my!!!!!!!! Overwhelmed! The ‘six word’ is ever so happy and grateful, my dear Gilly! Thank you so much! You framed me alright! [my smile and love included!] 😉 xxxxxx

    1. It’s gorgeous and I’m chuffed to bits! Framing can be tricky can’t it, I’ve made mistakes in the past but this is simple and effective x 🙂 x

      1. Awwww…I’m so glad you like it, Gilly!
        I’ve also made mistakes in the past – it is tricky, you’re right!
        Hope you’re having a great week. 🙂 xx

    1. Hahaha I can just about paint a wall but sadly I can’t paint or draw at all. If you don’t know Marina, take a look at her blog via the link, her work is stunning and unique ❤

  2. How long did you take to frame it? (A question from an arch-procrastinator on such matters.) it’s beautiful, and the simple frame serves it well. What a lovely 6 words!

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