Harmony with Nature

Michelle at the Daily Post describes harmony as,

“the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” 

There is a beautiful sculpture garden, Broomhill, that I’ve featured in the past, and when I saw that the challenge this week was Harmony, this photo popped out.

harmonySo perfectly placed

to reflect the harmony

of nature and art


28 thoughts on “Harmony with Nature

  1. Lovely, Gilly! 🙂 The sun has finally got his hat on (after rain and sleet 😦 ) so I need to be swift and get to zumba. Happy weekend, sweetheart!

  2. So perfect, yet so beautiful. The sculpture looks much like a symbol of harmony, and the green and reflections on the sculpture have formed “a pleasing and consistent whole”. Great choice, Gilly

  3. Gilly, I really like this. The stick on the top and the reflections of nature meld seamlessly with the metal, showing the harmony between the natural and the manmade Well photographed.


    1. This sculpture garden is a garden in the woods and its perfect for the work they display, with something glorious around every corner, so glad you like it Janet 🙂

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