A Double Challenge

For March, my friend Jude’s Garden Photo Challenge theme is wildlife in the garden. I don’t want to carp on about my ducks, but this is my second entry, I hope you’re suitably impressed Jude. April’s theme will be macro photography.

Damselfly The lovely and talented Amy has challenged me to join the 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge, begun by Ulli, and as it’s a four day weekend, I have time to do it, hooray! I thought my damselfly worked well for both. A couple of days ago, my friend and insect expert Sonel, posted  an amazing photo of a tropical damselfly from near her home in South Africa.

Today I’m going to ask Sylvia if she’d like to join in, she is surrounded by nature in her new home, some of it rather scarey. No problem if you’re too busy Sylvia!



20 thoughts on “A Double Challenge

  1. It’s not easy to photograph a dragonfly. They never seem to rest in one spot long. These are one of my favorite insects besides butterflies. Excellent photograph.

  2. Wow, Gilly! That’s a gorgeous photo of the Damselfly. I also loved Sonel’s amazing photos. She’s such a phenomenal photographer of the wildlife around where she lives. Yes, I’ll be more than happy to join in the challenge.
    btw; The link you put to Amy, takes me to my latest post. 🙂

    1. Gilly do know how to wow us, doesn’t she Sylvia? 😀

      That is so sweet of you to say darling. Thank you for the lovely compliment, but don’t forget that you take the most amazing shots as well. I just adore your Iguanas and the Mockingbird that visited you is totally adorable! 😀 ♥

  3. What a beauty! Gilly, this is one amazing shot! I just love its colours! 😀

    Thanks for the lovely compliment and mention as well, but I must honestly tell you I am no expert. hahahah! I am also just learning. ♥

  4. Easter gives hope for tomorrow,
    As after the winter comes Spring.
    Our hearts can be filled with gladness
    As hearts rejoice and sing.
    Happy Easter

  5. Fabulous! When I read ‘double challenge’ I thought you were going for the weekly one- half light + a poem. 🙂 Fooled me again! 🙂 I haven’t seen Sonel’s post so I’ll fly off there next. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, Gilly!

  6. Your wildlife in the garden is wildly wonderful. Enjoy the four day weekend. Off to check out all your links now. Double success for both challenges! Nice.

  7. I’ve tried and tried to capture these elusive and fast moving little creatures, but they are too fast for me. well done, so clear and such an iridescent blue.

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