April: Macros in the garden

Or not as the case may be.

Jude’s theme this month is macro and I hoped to  take some photos yesterday but the weather was dire. I’ve tried again on my way and when I got home from work. It was breezy, that’s my excuse anyway!

I wonder if you can tell which are phone shots and which are DSLR?


23 thoughts on “April: Macros in the garden

  1. I think the first 2 are phone shots Gilly and just like the last two they are stunning! I love the little owl. Simply gorgeous! Great take on the challenge! 😀 ♥

  2. Oops they have swapped positions when I posted the above comment, now that is tricky!!! Anyway I think the pale green euphorbias are the phone and the other 3 DSLR

  3. How clever is that, they have swapped again. Did you programme that or is it a new thingy in the engine room from the happiness engineers!!! (they are always fiddling with things!!!)

    1. Maybe Gilly uses the random setting so they change all the time? And I cheated as the properties are included on the shots if you scroll through the gallery. In actual fact there is little in the quality at this level. I suspect the difference comes if you want to enlarge or print the ones from the phone.

      1. Went back for a look and I was right in 2 out of the 4. Amazing how well camera phones are now. I don’t have a good modern phone mine is almost a dinosaur in the phone world, about 5 years old, and the camera is only 2 megapixel…

      2. I prefer the camera that is why I haven’t uodated the phone. I am tempted sometimes when I see the lovely pictures people post that they have taken with the phone. And it is always with you…

  4. What are those intricate green things? I love them. And guess what? They’re euphorbia. I read the fine print. I took a swag with my iPhone the other day and they were all awful – blurry as all get-out. Yours are superb. And I’ll pass on guessing (or cheating.)

  5. I’m afraid I cheated like Jude. Your Canon shots really have the edge over the iPhone. Love the vibrance of the Mahonia and that owl between the ‘flower pot men’ is adorable. 🙂

  6. I think macro is in the air. I was looking at some lovely shots the other day by someone whose name I forget, and thinking it is about time I go out with my camera and get up close and personal with some plants. It’s fun, isn’t it.

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