Transience, Paula’s Thursday Special

For her Thursday special the week, Paula is trying something different, a list of five words to choose from to base a photo on. I’ve chosen transience. To be honest, I might be back again, because I like most of the words.

I spotted this on the beach yesterday.


We are just a blink of the eye.


12 thoughts on “Transience, Paula’s Thursday Special

  1. But I bet you don’t like “decrepit” 😀 Nobody has chosen that one. “We miss you James” ? It looks as if someone has lost his life at sea? Traces in the sand – transient as life itself. Great choice, Gilly. Thank you.

  2. A perfect image of transience, Gilly, expressing the sadness that belongs to the passing of things and especially people. The fact that you saw this expresses the nature of photography. You only get one chance to take a particular photograph and then the whole scene is different.

  3. A very clever interpretation. Quite sad and makes me wonder at the story behind this transient message in the sand. I am tempted to come back for a second or third “go” at this weeks theme too…

  4. A great interpretation of transience. It makes the viewe to wonder what’s behind the phrase “We miss you James”. Heartfelt image.


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