Just Back From . . .

. . . Exmouth last night

IMG_3547-1Via Topsham Quay, looking back down to the estuary.

IMG_3595_2and back up towards Exeter.

IMG_3557_-1The grey sky and heavy rain of the afternoon cleared awayΒ for a lovely evening.


27 thoughts on “Just Back From . . .

  1. These shots are brilliant, and the new black background serves them well. iPhone again: you really are a mistress of it. Any post-processing? I want photos like this to come out of my iPhone!

    1. Thanks Meg, it was a lovely evening and Topsham often has good skies. Post processing, just a tiny light adjustment on the Exmouth one, andresizing on all three

  2. Oh, you wild creature- you’ve changed the theme again! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It looks great with these moody skies. Happy Sunday, Gilly. Trying to enjoy drizzle up here.

  3. Gorgeous, Gilly. And you’ve reminded me that I’m missing Devon now that we don’t visit my aunt any more. Topsham was one of her favourite places, and we always took her there. Btw I like your new page theme/colour. Very striking.

      1. She lived in Pinhoe, right on top of the hill, and down which she used to motor on her mobility scooter at the age of 88. And thence out on to the main road to the shops. Yikes!

  4. Bottom shot is a beauty Gilly – such clarity in the lovely reflection on the water and those boats perfectly positioned for you πŸ˜‰ You must have sent your grey sky and heavy rain to us as we had a perfectly lovely day, followed by rain at 7 pm πŸ˜€

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