Traces of the past

Many of my friends here in the UK will have come across a particular brand of notebook, journal or address book. They have beautiful covers, some vibrant, some more subtle, but most rather desirable. I have several, including this one.

IMG_3518 [3115235]
IMG_3523 [3099433]
I couldn’t help thinking about it when I saw these at Montacute last weekend.


IMG_3630_edited-1I wonder if the manufacturer was influenced by something like these, what do you think, does the design of mine show traces from the past?

Paula’s Thursday special this week is ‘Traces of the Past’, this is what she says,

For newbies – if you are interested in participating in Thursday’s Special photo challenge, you should publish a post with a photo (or several photos) having in mind the given theme (in this case anything related to the past either near or distant), link that post to this one and leave me a note in the comments section. 


12 thoughts on “Traces of the past

  1. Absolutely. Does yours have marbelled end papers and thick paper? And you still haven’t shown me those you make. My last encounter with a splendid old book was a few years ago. I was researching WW1 and reading the old Council minutes books from 1913 on. They were so big they almost needed a lectern to read, leather bound and marbelled. The handwriting was copperplate, although it changed to a scrawl which I found really hard to read.

  2. It definitely does. Many of us are attracted to old looking books. It’s like treasure hunt for the past 🙂 Thank you, Gilly.

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. Inspired by old books. I visited a grand bookstore in London, Ontario, which had old ships’ logs and a couple famous authors’ original texts (can’t recall which ones). I fell in love with the covers. Some were huge, more than 18 inches high (my guesstimate).
    I collect all kinds of notebooks too. Sigh. o_O

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