Partners in mischief

Sabah, Christmas 2009, at the Sepilok orang-utan rehabilitation centre. I was beginning to feel pretty rough, dizzy in fact and I didn’t get better for a few days. It was annoying because we’d found somewhere to have an English Christmas dinner and I could only watch my friends enjoying it. Before that though, I’d seen a troup of orangs arrive for lunch in the centre. There were lots of long tailed macaques, cashing in on the free tuck. Very cheeky monkeys, who would sneek up behind you to see what they could find. Like the baby orangs they were cute when tiny, but here are a couple of pre-teens.

partnersI don’t know what they were up to but they were definitely partners in mischief!


20 thoughts on “Partners in mischief

  1. Great photograph for the challenge, Gilly. You captured them perfectly in their very
    mischievous behavior. So sorry about being ill on your vacation. It isn’t fun to feel awful.
    Have a fantastic week … Issy 😎

  2. It reminds me of my twin and I when we were toddlers. Bonnie, my partner in mischief. The only thing is my dad could never tells us apart, so he’d yell, “Whichever one you are, get over here,”


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