How to choose a coffin

Frizztext reminded me in his post today of when I visited a coffin makers shop in Accra, Ghana, quite a few years ago. He has seen a film about funerals over there, Frizz you’ll be amused to know thatย I danced at one! He was impressed by the choice of coffin designs and says he would like to be buried in a giant guitar shaped one.

Me, I would choose the mobile phone because I’m a techno hen, but I’d like it to be a smart phone, not the kind that was around all those years ago!

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Which would you choose?


10 thoughts on “How to choose a coffin

  1. Impressive choices. I have twice had the task of selecting a coffin; first for my mother, then for my aunt. The range astounded me; the cardboard coffins can have any picture you like on them. As Mother retired to horse racing territory, many of the coffins on display at the undertakers featured successful horses. There was a coffin with a crossword, aeroplanes, fish and chips in newspaper. We chose autumn leaves as that was another’s favourite season. I like the plain coffin that families customise, but for Aunt I chose seagrass and it was beautiful. For myself, I’d like something equally biodegradable and a green funeral with minimal ceremony. I’d like lily of the valley to be planted on my grave if that’s allowed.

  2. I’m kind of tempted by the airplane coffin – it would be the first time ever I’ve had enough leg room on a plane (and I’m short)!

    Then again, who wouldn’t want to be a bottle of Coke – or a fish – or a swan… How can anybody ever hold a funeral with all those possibilities to choose from?

  3. Very novel. Gilly. You can get Victorian ‘coffin style’ grand pianos, but I don’t there is such a thing as a ‘grand piano style’ coffin. If there is, that’s what I’d like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Gilly, as I wrote the Ghana coffin sculptures article, I hoped that you had noticed the scene when you visited Accra, but I didn’t realize that you even made there such wonderful photo documents! The Coca-Cola bottle is new for me. Before one dies, they should give us the chance to test our dream-coffin a while as a bed! I already see me sleeping in a big guitar case, built by my son in law! Scottish cloth design inside…

  5. They do look like a lot of fun, Gilly ~ lightening the mood of a funeral! I think I’d choose something less flamboyant, a biodegradable paper~mache pod maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

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