Weekly Photo Challenge, Opposites

Hey WordPress guys, could you come up with an easy prompt once in a while please? Only joking,Β  know it’s a challenge.

Opposites. Well Exmouth, my closest beach, is opposite the nature reserve across the estuary at Dawlish Warren. Here is the nature reserve at low tide, in winter when its a rest stop for migrating birds, as well as a permanent home to a variety of birds.

warren2Now, the depth of field makes this look different from the reality. The grassy sand dunes are on the south west of the Exe, while the yellow apartment blocks are on the north east, with a mile of water in between.

warren1Does this second photo help or hinder? I promise you that nature and manmade are definitely opposites here!

Pimm's o'Clock
Pimm’s o’clock

Looking down from the balcony of my favourite Pimm’s hostelry, the sand spit on the opposite side of the estuary is Dawlish Warren nature reserve.



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge, Opposites

  1. This WPC is challenging, I almost want to skip it. Your photos are beautiful, they are opposite for soue. πŸ™‚

  2. Foreshortening does alter the perspective of an image. Anyway. forget all that, I’d prefer to join you at the Pimms hostelry – looking good there πŸ˜€

      1. You have probably been and gone by now! Busy re-organising a couple of rooms so no time on the computer. Still trying to sort out Edinburgh!

  3. Hi Gilly,
    This is an interesting contrast between near and far, nature and human intrusion upon nature. I would say that you met the challenge boldly and well! Lovely photos, and I can almost smell the salt of the sea from here!

  4. Easy this challenge is not. But then it wouldn’t be a challenge πŸ˜† Good effort, Gilly. Love the view of your Pimm’s o’clock hostelry.

  5. A high level response to the challenge, Gilly.
    I might have read it wrong for mine which is so basic. I always enjoy seeing where you are!

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