Black and White Sunday, Favourite

Paula at Lost in Translation says, ‘This week I want you to post a photo of your “favourite”. Be it a place, a thing, a person, a pastime or your holiday. Your favourite anything. Maybe the favourite shot you have taken and still haven’t published. The only requirement for this “favourite” is to make it black and white.’


This is Michael, my favourite uncle and I saw him recently for the first time in ages.


9 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday, Favourite

  1. That’s a lovely portrait with your uncle. A photo that transmits love and happiness. Thank you for sharing this special encounter, Gilly 🙂 🙂

  2. You’re giving us a feast of family. Your love for your uncle shines through this portrait. Made me wonder about my favourite uncle – and the never-quite-achieved closeness. Generational? Cultural? Gender-related? I wonder if he ever knew how deeply I admired him? It was a bit different with my aunts.

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