Vintage Ashburton

So just now I was talking about Ashburton and it’s abundance of vintage shops, and it seemed rude not to show you.

And there were more!

Ashburton centre really only has two streets, but they are full of charm, here are some views.

So who’s a fan of vintage? if you are then you’d be in heaven in Ashburton. I’m not, it’s too twee for my taste. Having said that, I wouldn’t say no to an old typewriter or some cameras!


A Rare Sight

Ashburton is a pretty little town in south Devon, it lies to the south east of Dartmoor National Park and is a former Stannary town. As well as it’s fair share of traditional shops, including an ironmonger, it has a lot of vintage and antique shops, expensive but intriguing.
I had a wander earlier in the week and found this wedding dress hanging in a charity shop. As soon as i saw this weeks challenge I knew this was my entry. It’s a pity I used my mobile, but you’ll get the idea.

My first thoughts were vintage late 1960’s, but an image search failed to confirm that, there wasn’t anything that risqué. Do you have any ideas? The lace doesn’t seem modern to me.

So this is my rare entry, do you have one to share?