Vintage Ashburton

So just now I was talking about Ashburton and it’s abundance of vintage shops, and it seemed rude not to show you.

And there were more!

Ashburton centre really only has two streets, but they are full of charm, here are some views.

So who’s a fan of vintage? if you are then you’d be in heaven in Ashburton. I’m not, it’s too twee for my taste. Having said that, I wouldn’t say no to an old typewriter or some cameras!


Thursdays Windows: Week 8

This week my entry is about the contents of the window. In Ashburton there is a window featuring a sculpture by Heather Jansch. She has become well known for her driftwood horses, but unless you live in the UK I doubt you would know of her.



Have a look at her website, its really stunning work, my phone shot doesn’t do it justice.