Thursdays Windows: Week 8

This week my entry is about the contents of the window. In Ashburton there is a window featuring a sculpture by Heather Jansch. She has become well known for her driftwood horses, but unless you live in the UK I doubt you would know of her.



Have a look at her website, its really stunning work, my phone shot doesn’t do it justice.

26 thoughts on “Thursdays Windows: Week 8

  1. That is one impressive horse sculpture – puts my hanging driftwood mobile into perspective !
    Like the way you managed to show a close up of inside the window…without your reflection in there too taking the shot .

  2. Gilly, this is fascinating. She is really talented, isn’t she? My dad would be so interested in this because he loves creating with wood. Great “window” photo! Your link came up on Week 7’s post, so I re-posted it on this new week’s as well.

  3. I love your entry. Your photograph is wonderful and I love the artwork of this artist. She is very creative. Is there any other work of hers on display?


    1. Did you check the link to her website? I think most is privately owned – lucky people! She takes part in Open Studio each year, an event where artists and crafts people in Devon open their work places to visitors.

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