Vintage Ashburton

So just now I was talking about Ashburton and it’s abundance of vintage shops, and it seemed rude not to show you.

And there were more!

Ashburton centre really only has two streets, but they are full of charm, here are some views.

So who’s a fan of vintage? if you are then you’d be in heaven in Ashburton. I’m not, it’s too twee for my taste. Having said that, I wouldn’t say no to an old typewriter or some cameras!


12 thoughts on “Vintage Ashburton

  1. Oh Wow! It’s a re~purposing paradise, Gilly! I sometimes find these shops have a melancholy atmosphere and have to leave right away ~ but these frontages look very pretty. Strangely I by~passed Ashburton many times when I lived in Plymouth and Cornwall, but never stopped by. 🙂

  2. I would certainly like this place. Here we sometimes call it ‘antiquing’ and I love that. These days can’t afford to buy as much but love to still browse these kind of quaint little shops.

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