I popped along to see Queenie’s House


A few weeks ago, I had half an hour to kill in London, so I walked from Victoria, up Buckingham Palace Road, wondering if Her Majesty had time for a cup of tea. Strangely, she had more pressing matters to attend to, so I just looked at her garden fence, click these for a bigger view,

her garden lighting,

and the statue across the road.

Oh well, I suppose I would have only had about ten minutes free to chat, but maybe next time.


11 thoughts on “I popped along to see Queenie’s House

  1. Goodness, you covered a lot of ground in half an hour! Time we had some tea and cake again, I’ll let you know when I head west again! Probably not until October, or early next year….

  2. It IS rather a lovely bit of fence and I love your first BIG photo 🙂 🙂 Poor ducks, she probably has tea with some terribly boring people, but she does have a nice garden to look out at.
    What date do you go to Barca? Excited? 🙂 🙂 Silly question! Happy Sunday hugs!

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