Traces of the past

It’s Traces of the Past at Paula’s black and white Sunday this week, so I thought I’d bring this old weaving loom. I believe it’s from the early 1960’s.
It can be seen at Coldharbour Mill, in Devon.

The Weavers Song
The loom goes click and the loom goes clack
The shuttle flies forward and the shuttle flies back
The weaver’s so bent that he’s like to crack
Such a wearisome trade is the weaver’s

Now that it’s made into cloth at last
The ends of work they all make quite fast
The weaver’s labours for now have passed
Such a wearisome trade is the weavers.

Anon, circa the Industrial Revolution.


15 thoughts on “Traces of the past

  1. I like a clicking and clacking, Gilly, but nothing was easy in those days, was it? We do have it good these days in comparison. Good strong image. Wishing you a happy Sunday, darlin. 🙂 🙂

  2. Being a knitter, I find it interesting to see weaving machines and what they can do speedily.
    This loom looks fantastic in B&W. Good choice for the challenge.
    Welcome back, Gilly. Hope you had a relaxing peaceful time.
    Happy Sunday …
    Issy 😎

  3. A great photo with all that repetition – and on the diagonal! It’s inconceivable in colour. The song says it all as far as weavers are concerned. In Łódź they had an image of a loom in full sound and it was deafening and thought-destroying, to say nothing of what the continuous noise, day in, day out, would do to eardrums.

  4. Glad I never had to work with them . . . .been round enormous factories in Leeds and the thought of children scurrying in between them all let alone the adults it just terrifying

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