Thursday Special, Pick a Word

I’m picking three this week from Paula’s five, I’m leaving limpid and engorging behind.

First of all I have wholesome.


Local yoghurt, honey and poppy seeds in the centre of Turkey, towards Ankara, absolutely delicious.

Next, how about permeates.

A glorious spectrum of colour permeates these organ pipes at Sagrada Familia.

And lastly, back in England,

A pretty emerald lake at Stourhead.

You can join Paula’s Thursday special, here, she’d love to see you!


14 thoughts on “Thursday Special, Pick a Word

      1. I have my job and it keeps me inside. J sleds Jaś to school while I stay with Maja who has chicken pox. A 12-hour day today, so I’m not too sick. Thank you for concern.

    1. Yikes you are having some exceptionally cold weather over there! Looks like it moves south by the end of the week. We are lucky that the Gulf Stream tends to push that Scandi cold away. Hope the cold is better.

  1. Wonderful! I love the light and the view through the trees, Gilly. Organ is my favourite instrument and I yet need to taste wholesome Turkish yoghurt :). Well done on this challenge 🙂 🙂 Thank you.

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