Hanging on through winter

These agapanthus are drained of all colour, just six months ago the flowers were a beautiful blue, surrounded by lush green foliage. They look very wintry now don’t they?

But I won’t worry, they’re very tenacious and will be back in July. By next year some of those dark seeds may even have spread new plants around the garden.

This post is for Paula’s Thursday Special, this week it’s ‘Wintry’.


29 thoughts on “Hanging on through winter

  1. Our driveway is lined with agapanthus and they make a beautiful display in early summer. We usually cut off the stalks when the flowers are done but this makes me think we should leave them. How beautiful.

  2. Are these yours? In the ground or in pots? Mine didn’t do much last year so I am dithering whether to plant it in the ground, though I know they prefer to be root-bound. Nice image. I like the seed heads of agapanthus.

    1. I thought that un-spamming you was enough, but then I had to approve you, how odd!
      Yes it’s in the front garden, where it gets full sun, quite a small variety. I didn’t know they like to be root bound, perhaps yours just needs a year or two to establish?

      1. Mine has been in a pot for three or four years, flowered well for a couple but only two flowers lately. Perhaps I’ll repot and see how it goes this year. And buy a couple more 😉

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