A bit of a week


So, I’ve had a pretty good week, but full on, when did I last have one that wasn’t? As far as I can remember Monday was fairly easy, except that I had a query mountain to sort out because I’d had annual leave on the Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday I met Sue in town after work. It was bitterly cold so we dashed into a couple of shops and I was finally able to buy a replacement for part of her Christmas present that never arrived. Success, followed by dinner at Turtle Bay. The food was mostly nice except the fried plantain that I’d really, really been looking forward to. It came too blackened, so I sent it back. They brought another portion five minutes later and it wasn’t quite as burnt, but still not good enough. I felt quite sorry for the embarrassed waitress, she offered me sweet potato fries instead, they were okay and I wasn’t charged.

Wednesday began well enough, a full work day and my friend Jackie picked me up from home at 5.15. We went to town to meet Sonja, we’ve all been friends since school, fifty years, and have a meal together once a month. Jackie and I were ten minutes early, Sonja was coming in by train, so I suggested a browse in Marks and Spencer while we waited.

We pootled around, trying hard, but failing, to see anything worth buying from their new seasons stock. Jackie was ahead of me looking at heels. Just as I was wondering how she manages to wear them, my own sensible flat Marks and Spencer ankle boots decided they no longer wanted to be between me and th floor, they much preferred to detach themselves with some kind of backwards gliding kick, as if they were ice skates. You know that moment when you think you’ve rescued yourself and wouldn’t fall flat on your face? Well I was right, I fell on both hands, my left knee and left hip instead. I yelped, Jackie turned as I scrambled up, hoping no one would see me. Luckily it as nearly closing time and not a soul to be seen. I was licking my wounds for several minutes before a member of staff noticed there was a problem. A first aider was called, she asked if she could do anything, took notes and promised to enter it in the accident book. There didn’t appear to be anything on the floor to make it slippery, but with hindsight, any damp patch was probably absorbed by my coat. We left for the restaurant, me stumbling along feeling like I’d been beaten up. Jackie and Sonja teased me, saying how once you start falling it’s the beginning of old age, but I’m the youngest of the three of us. We had a nice meal in The Stable, a pizza, pie and cider place, my pie was called Squishy Squashy, no prizes for guessing the ingredients.

This is the view from The Stable, lots of reflections, but you can see what a damp old night it was. I was home and in bed by 9pm, feeling decidedly sore all over and a bit tearful.

On Thursday I left the office at 3.45 for an appointment over in the hospital’s main building. My appointment was 4pm but they were running late, so I was called for my ultrasound at 4.30. The good news was that nothing abnormal was detected with my kidney. I arrived home to find another appointment waiting for me!

Thursday was supposed to be my writing group evening, but a third night out in a row, with bruises emerging just wasn’t a good idea.

By Friday I was feeling more myself, after work I put a coat of paint on the wall of the new conservatory and watched a bit of tv. The weekend, hooray!

Time for dog walking in the park, food shopping, two more coats of paint, and all the usual hodgepodge of jobs to do. I’ve even found time to blog, and in the space between, I’ve been crocheting again. Issy, you asked if I’d found a new project, because I was lost once I’d finished the last one. So this is what I began three weeks ago.

img_5117It’s about four feet square now, I’m getting faster but there’s a way to go yet!

So that was my week, how was yours?




12 thoughts on “A bit of a week

  1. A very different post from you Gilly, nice getting to know you. Is this going to be a regular thing? You ought to join in with the Cardinal’s monthly challenge! Sorry to hear about the fall – hope you are feeling less bruised and battered now. So, new conservatory is up? Photos? I’m thinking of getting a new (glass) roof on ours. Current one is polycarbonate and not in the greatest condition. Not sure it would make much difference to the temperature in there though.

  2. oo-ouch! Poor you! All that and you still found time to e, bless you 🙂 I can’t do crochet stuff cos I need my fingers for the keyboard 🙂 No, I definitely don’t have a life outside blogging!
    This reminded me a bit of Cathy’s cocktail hour, but shorter. 🙂 I suppose if we all did one of these a week there’d be no need for emails 🙂 🙂 Hope this week is much kinder, Gilly, and that you make it to your writing group. Hugs, darlin!

  3. I love this autobiography of a week. It gives me a real insight into your life and a wonderful longstanding three-way friendship. You describe the fall so well, exactly as I’ve experienced it (I’ve heard it said that you fall over till a certain age, and then you have a fall – this was definitely still falling over!) I hope the bruising and the aftermath have not caused you ongoing pain. Then there’s crocheting and writing group and painting and good ultrasound news. What a week! Are they all like this? Minus the glissade of course. I love the understatement and double meaning of your title too. I’m with Jude – this kind of post would make a good occasional regular.

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