Remote Ghana

It’s pick a word Thursday over at Paula’s place, Lost in Translation. This weeks choices are radiant, alimentary, arboreal, frontal  and remote. I may find some more but for now, remote is my choice.

This isn’t the best photo, taken through a bus window in torrential rain, but I’ll always remember driving through this village in northern Ghana.

remoteIf it was sunny it would be okay, but it was really sad to see that day. It felt really remote, we’d left Mole National Park far behind, but the vibrant city of Kumasi and the sunshine Cape Coast were a long way south.



12 thoughts on “Remote Ghana

  1. I should be exploring my own country more, Gilly. But it is this same remoteness of the region that makes it difficult for some of us to venture out North. :Though I daresay, there is internal flight up North these days. Within an hour, at the most one is up North. The cost of the airfare for the common man is another matter. 🙂

  2. I spent a summer in Ghana in the early 1980s helping to build the foundation of a school house in Kumasi, then traveling up North into Burkina Faso (Upper Volta then). On the way up North, the train stopped without explanation and people started walking. So we walked until we found a bus. The bus also broke down and we walked again until we were picked up by a lorry that took us on a nightmarish ride through roads with water-filled potholes that turned out to be so deep at times that the truck listed dangerously to its side. In the spirit of adventure….

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